Soul Cellar

Southampton, Hampshire


A place for Soul Boys & Girls, mods, funkers & hipsters to discover, share & enjoy the finest soul, R&B, funk and Northern Soul of the 60s, 70s & beyond...

- Join our group: - Follow our Spotify playlist: spottily:user:johnwillcox:playlist:3rDwBJnXBiPgEuY8PF51Uk There will the Motown chartbusters you saw on Top Of The Pops and Soul Train, hidden gems that featured in TV adverts, tracks for the connoisseurs and deep crate diggers, backdropping classics from Wigan Casino and the other great soul clubs. Some tracks will be sad songs, some happy songs, some will be good running tracks, some are great chilling out to and, of course, there will be many great party tracks that will make you want to dance and strut your stuff and will be the perfect soundtrack for your own personal all-nighter or a soul weekender if you're up for it... Where are we? Currently only on FB and Spotify, until we find a suitable venue, then we'll let our followers know...


West Marlands Road,
SO14 7FW Southampton
Southampton, Hampshire